Drifter is 15.1hh 6yo gelding. Drifter was slow to trust but has really started to trust me. I have no doubt that he will bond and trust with a new owner. Drifter has been started under saddle and is still very green. He needs someone with experience to continue his training or to be sent to a trainer after he is adopted. I suggest continuing his training as soon as you get him as he makes daily progress and learns quickly and seems to enjoy being ridden. I truly believe Drifter will be able to go in any direction and make someone a solid mount sooner than later. The confines of time of this event were just a little too short for him so continuing his training will help him greatly. He loves being on trails and does well with obstacles. He still has a fear of people on the ground over anything else. He’s comfortable with other horses and people on horses and people behind fences-people on the ground he wants to keep his distance if he can but does trust me as his rider and continues to grow in trust daily. I have no doubt he will overcome this as he gets better with every event we haul to. Drifter has been hauled a lot and will continue to be hauled and introduced to more people and horses and environments. We even rode in the warm up pen of calf ropers on his 9th ride and competed in his first show that was in a pasture on his 11th ride! He really enjoys his baths and pampering. He is super safe to load and tie and will turn around or back out if a trailer. He does all the things in hand on the ground like pivots and sidepassing and ANY obstacles. Riding he adapts quickly to obstacles and can drag and carry objects and crosses delicately over ground poles! He has had his feet trimmed but is still a little stranger danger with a new farrier at this time. This is posted on May 10th, I hope I can update as I go because I truly believe a week from now there will be improvement and the next week and the next week. At this time he is located in Cleburne, TX and I am open to adopting him out before the competition as I’m not sure I will make the event in Tennessee. I just do not know if he will be ready. 20 rides from now could be all the difference he needs! Keep checking back for updates.




Bay, Roan




Devils Garden USFS


Bay Roan with a star.

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    Event Adoption

    Mustangs competing in Extreme Mustang Makeovers are available for adoption or purchase through a special auction at the end of each event.

    Each competing mustang will have approximately 100 days of training and be started under saddle.